Realtor Partners

Realtors- we really love working with you guys. In fact, we appreciate that you're the source of many of our satisfied customers, which is why we reward you with a 2.7% commission.

There are a lot of benefits to working with Jonathan Homes. Once we start work on a home building project for your client, you'll find that we also excel at relationships and communication.

Here's how we work with you:

  • You and your client will always know the status of the build by following along in builderTREND
  • We're responsive - if your client has a question or concern about the progress of their home, we answer the question or find a solution quickly.
  • We're always happy to walk owners through work in progress; it's fun to see your dream coming to life.
  • We never miss a closing (there's one less thing for you client to worry about)
  • We take full responsibility for tying up any loose ends after closing. Simply put: if your client isn't satisfied, neither are we.
Call us any time to discuss the mutual benefits of doing business together.